Druckers Vienna Patisserie
146-156 Sarehole Road
Hall Green
B28 8DT

Company No: 4396961

About Us

Our Food

Druckers has always prided itself on its ability to create wonderful products which we achieve through the skill and artistry of our highly trained craftsmen and women and the use of only the very finest ingredients. From handmade patisserie cakes to locally sourced produce for your jacket potato lunch, see our menu here

From the inception when Andre Drucker brought over from Germany the first Master Baker to help him start the business, the emphasis has always been on quality. 

Our staff

Today 80 highly trained bakers and chefs still prepare our food fresh every day and then our own refrigerated vans deliver it all over the country. Our development team continue to create exciting new products to ensure we can offer a wide variety for you to choose from.
We maintain our emphasis on quality within our cafes where all of our staff receive continuous training with our dedicated training team, so that we can be certain that our guests are served with care, efficiency and genuine friendliness.  Join our team here

Druckers and Patisserie Valerie

Druckers and Patisserie Valerie now share the same management team using the experience and expertise gained by both businesses over the years. 
We have just introduced a selected range of Patisserie Valerie gateaux and celebration cakes into our cafes that are available to order online or in-store and can then be collected from your local cafe. 

All of this is made possible by the facilities and production expertise available at Druckers. 

Cafe Social